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Brenda Martzke - Happy Parent.

Mr. Evans has Built a Wonderful Community

My son struggles with mental, emotional, and physical disability. Mr. Evans has connected with him in a wonderful way. When he earned his orange belt, it was the first time I have seen my son enjoy a sense of accomplishment. He usually begs to quit everything, but not Taekwondo. It is a wonderful community Mr. Read More

Brenda Martzke December 17, 2018

Larry Potter - Happy Father.

So Impressed with the Results

Enrolling our grandson in Evans ATA Black Belt Academy was one of the best things we could have done for him. Since his first day we have noticed a real boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. Mr. Evans teaches his students life skills that develop a higher level of respect for others and camaraderie with fellow Read More

Larry Potter December 17, 2018

Scott & Lisa Conrad - Proud Parents.

Gained a Sense of Achievement

Our son achieved his 1st Degree Black Belt at 8 years old, and it was not without a lot of hard work and dedication on his part and his instructor’s part. Taekwondo has given our son a sense of achievement, confidence and the knowledge that he can do most anything he sets his mind to Read More

Scott & Lisa Conrad December 17, 2018

Marty Meeker - Father and Student.

Martial Arts are not Just for Kids

Thanks to Mr Evans and his ATA Blackbelt Academy, my daughter Kaitlyn has found a second home. His teaching and love of his students has transformed her from a shy 9 year old girl, who had a tough time making friends, into a strong, confident, world class 2nd Degree Black Belt and Trainee Instructor. Her Read More

Marty Meeker December 17, 2018

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